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A social and cooperative game by videoconference

If your interest is to get a large number of people together for a convention, a product presentation, a training session or you simply want your work team to get together because they are scattered around the world, Reconnection is the solution. This game allows you to play with no players limit and in cooperation with the others by videoconference.

¿A social roulette?

With Reconnection all players will talk with the others randomly. Only by sharing the information they see in their screens will reach the objective.

Game datasheet:

Players: no limit.

Duration: 60/75/ minutes.

Needs: Internet connection with update browser.

Possibilities: dramatized, adapted or customized.

Languages: all languages.

Game plot: our spaceships have been lost through space. Together we must find the way to get them together and go back home.

Characteristics: can be a cooperative or competitive experience.

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