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We create and post your own escape room

Escape rooms are trendy now. If you want to have an escape room remaining in time and dedicated to all your employees, customers, followers this a brilliant idea!

¿Social or classic?

Classic escape room: it’s an escape room with graphic adventure style where players can play whenever they want in order to overcome all the tests till the end.

Social escape room: it’s an online escape room in groups by videoconference. Each player will see different content on his screen, so it’s important to have good communication with the other contestants in order to achieve the goal.

Game datasheet:

Players: no limit.

Duration: whatever you decides.

Needs: Internet connection with update browser.

Possibilities: we customize the game with your brand looking and the tests you want.

Languages: all languages.

Game plot: totally adapted to your needs.

Characteristics: an experience that remains in time.

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