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Social Games online for events and training that will surprise you

We have a big range of online games to promote social abilities. Our games are the perfect supporting feature for your events and training sessions: knowing your company needs and mixing it with theatrical smart games like escape room or quiz, will achieve surprising goals.

Either with our classic games or the new version online games by videoconference, all contestants will feel that they are part of a big team.

Here you can see an example of social smart game: “Reconnection”

Diferent games for each need

Find out in this list which one better fits you. No contestants limit.
Our games will add a plus in your events and training sessions. If you prefer it, we can design a specific game for you.


The social abilities game. Thanks to our smartsocialgames system, the contestants reconnect every “x” time to talk with the rest by videoconference.

No players limit.



Join us with your team to this escape room championship. ¿Will you be the first to overcome all the tests?

No minimum or maximum number of players.



We design your escape room or online game totally personalized with responsive web design.

No players limit.


Customers that have already lived our smart experiences:

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